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Feedketo - feeding Trapit curated content into Marketo, the leading automated marketing suite

About Feedketo

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Feedketo is a unique online tool enabling Marketo campaigns to include RSS content from external sources. Developed to work with Trapit and other RSS sources, each Marketo campaign can include multiple sources of curated content for engaging users.

Trapit draws from more than 100,000 content sources, including blogs, bylineal journals, news services, magazines, video feeds, and podcasts. Discovered by using artificial intelligence and vetted by a team of experts, the news sources are selected using strict standards for originality and content quality.

Using both platforms in this fashion, and coupled with a responsive mobile template, it will enable cross-platform delivery to the widest possible audience. From here the powerful automated marketing features of Marketo can be leveraged to provide the best ultimate customer engagement to make you more money.

Get Connected

Once connectivity has been established to your Marketo account, all you need to do is create a Smart Campaign.

Sophisticated Scheduling

Complete control of the sending process is managed through a scheduling system just like it is in Marketo.

24/7 Availability

Deployed fully on the cloud and designed to scale horizantly providing 24/7 connectivity to the Feedketo management interface.

Feedketo Features

Native Marketo Support

Marketo provides marketing automation software giving you the power and flexibility to quickly launch highly targeted campaigns across your marketing channels in order to generate more revenue with less manual effort.

Trapit Integration

Trapit is the most advanced and intuitive way to curate content for your audience. Create as many traps as you want, and Trapit will refine its recommendations based on your preferences.

Multi-feed Support

You can pass any RSS or XML feed in to the Feedketo system, so there is no limit to the possible content structures that can be processed and then passed to Marketo.

Schedule Any Campaign

Knowing when to send curated content to your target audience is essential. Through an intuitive interface, you can choose either immediate or scheduled delivery for any campaign.

Contact Feedketo

Would you like to chat? Feel free to give us a call on 0161 464 9252.

This product has been developed by Juicy Media Ltd, a leading UK digital design agency offering creative solutions for every aspect of marketing. They specialise in web design, e-commerce, mobile technologies, bespoke web solutions as well as dedicated hosting and printed media.